We are suppliers of digital solutions that you will be MAXimally satisfied.

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About us

Together for 12 years

We are one big unique team of IT specialists, testers, graphic designers, marketers and sales people. Each of us coming from a different background such as Praguer, Moravian and Slovakian. Diversity is not a problem for us. Talk to us about this or that. Together we shine with wit and humor. We are all original, we have different opinions, ideas and experiences, therefore, we complement each other perfectly. We act openly, straightforward and without unnecessary formalities. We value new ideas and encourage freedom and creativity. Charged with experience and common sense, we can solve every task, sounds unbelievable? Get in touch! We'll get to know each other to the MAX!

Meet the OMAX 5M

Maximum human aproach

We are sincere, very communicative and not your stereotypical IT specialists. We're not bluffing. At the beginning we like to clarify everything together, reveal the cards and set a common goal. We like to spend time together, even outside the conference room. IT can be fun too.

Maximum commitment

We are committed to what we do. We really make sure that everything is 100%. Mediocre results are just not for us. We are persistent and tenacious - what we catch, we will not let go.

Maximum reliability

If the client is satisfied, we will also be satisfied. We cross the T's and dot the i's, we do not leave work unfinished. Communication, punctuality and accuracy are cornerstones. Day “D”, we look forward to with respect and dedication.

Maximum professionalism

We are constantly improving our long-term experience in development. We keep up to date with the most innovative solutions. Ideas are figuratively knocking on the monitor. With the support of graphic designers, marketers and the sales team, we bring our clients what they expect from us and the cherry on top.

Maximum trust

Long-term cooperation is based on trust. Hand in hand you will discover that we can accomplish solutions to your most trickiest of cases, but also reflecting on new visions. We are proud to see that we have given a hand to your successful project. 


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We are committed to the MAX what we do!

And what are we doing? Briefly and clearly - apps, websites, design, graphics, IT ops, testing and more.

UI/UX design

Information architecture, wireframes, user tests, A / B tests

Fully functional and intuitive solution concept for the clients.

Graphic Design

Creative, grid-based and logical components

Clean and appealing design.

Web & Mobile Apps

Responsive design, SEO, conversion

Apps meeting client's goals and needs.

IT Operations

Hosting, monitoring 24/7, connectivity, housing

A comprehensive and reliable IT ops solution.

Frontend and Backend

CSS, HTML, JS, React., NET, Umbraco, Wordpress

Development and effortless content management.


Product testing in an analytical environment as well as the creation of test scripts

Flawless final products for the clients.


Case studies

Once upon a time, there was a client and all they wanted was a modest IT service. So they approached many suppliers, made plenty of calls, composed thousands of emails, and only us as the honorable supplier could provide it. As the client was satisfied, they wanted more and more and more... Therefore the minimalistic requirement has turned into a MAXIMUM sophisticated project. As it worked well, it still lives today! Really? Don't believe us? Read on!



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Naše stravenka

Dárková karta

Dárková karta


Trust us when they say

Work with us

Let's work together

Everybody is looking for somebody, WE may be looking for YOU! It´s as easy as: 1. Read the JD, 2. Send a CV, 3. Meet in CZ.

Key Account Manager

Are you interested in the online world, new products and services? Do you like to try new products and know what you are buying? Do you have business adrenaline and have you answered YES to the previous questions? Your new job is waiting in Prague!

The everyday

  • Search for new customers and take care of our existing portfolio
  • Develop lasting relationship with our clients and look for the most suitable creative promotion solutions
  • Ask clients how´re we doing
  • Working with your team and meeting common goals
  • Help fill the company´s pocket
  • Manage your clients' administration
  • Develop new niche projects

Do you have the knowledge to

  • Operate independently
  • Take care of the small things and complete tasks
  • Pick up the phone and call the client
  • Use MS Office to the required level
  • Prioritise building long-term relationships - not just with us but also with the clients
  • Have interest in learning new things or alternative approaches
  • ... anything else we will show you the ropes!

What you´ll get

  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home or anywhere with a connection
  • Training and certification
  • Work suitable for graduates
  • A full mug of coffee
  • Office Xbox
  • Relaxed atmosphere and friendly team
  • English lessons with a native speaker
  • Teambuildings and unforgettable events

Sounds good, eh! Drop us an email with your CV at prace@omax.cz